Once upon a time ...

... a young car enthusiast who was also a qualified mechanical engineer along with a few friends decided on the task of restoring an Austin Healey. To complete the job took many hours of work but during their labours many good ideas came to light. One then thinks of the things which happen in daily life and the order of events in the history of the car that stands before us.

Then one gets around to considering the process of changing a wheel as a result of a puncture. Man! One thinks and concludes that the hammer is actually for rough jobs and not for chromium plated knock off spinner s on such magnificent cars. Using a hammer I cannot control exactly how tight a retaining nut really is. Ergo, just how securely is my wheel connected to my car?

How long does it take to change a wheel at the side of a very busy road and possibly under conditions of ice and snow? Or how safe can one feel if one is in control when changing a wheel in the garage? The young mechanical engineer goes under the name Michael Kirchgässler and Michael has inventiveness in his blood.

In 2004 the first tool was ready and Michael exhibited it at a trade fair. 'Be careful', was the advice from car enthusiasts who wanted great things for Michael: first of all file a patent for this ingenious tool before you put it on the market.

With our homepage and the accompanying film and together with our well laid out shop we now have created OLDTIMERTOOLS based on a good and modern electronic platform. Numerous different tools are now ready for sale and there is available an explanatory data sheet for each one.

Michael Kirchgässler of the Oldtimertools Team

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