Do you know the "defined torque"?

You would never drive off in your car after changing the tyres if you were not absolutely sure that your wheels are fitted properly. You check four or more spinners with the ratchet or a torque wrench, and you do the same again after the test drive.

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Then you can rest assured that you have tightened the wheels of your car with the "defined torque" prescribed.

With a central locking rim, be it with spinner, octagon or oval central lock, we recommend the defined torque to be 300 Nm (258 lbf ft) for vehicles with an engine power up to 400 PS and 500 Nm (368 lbf ft) for vehicles with engines having more than 400 PS.

With an adapter-tool from Oldtimertools and a torque wrench, you can make the wheels of your vehicle or leisure sport safe. Easy and damage-free* loosening and tightening of knock off spinners with ratchet or torque wrench is a good argument for using our tools.

Safety on the road is of course another argument.

* Only applicable while using premium tools with plastic-cleats!
* incl. tax, plus shipping