Special Östol vintage Multi-purpose grease LT 190 EP

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Special Östol vintage Multi-purpose grease LT 190 EP

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Multi-purpose grease, ideal for greasing their central locking


The Östol multi-purpose grease LT 190 EP is made for greasing the gearing and cone surface of the axes and wheel rims. The grease is applied as a thin film with a small brush.

The multi-purpose grease is heat resistant up to 338°F (170°C) and does not resinify. Thus you can loosen your wheels with ease even after a long time.


  • The Östol multi-purpose grease EP LT 190 EP is made exclusively from quality raw materials.
  • The fat offersits extraordinary resistance to heat, oxidation, water and high pressure load (NLGI consistency class 2).
  • The dropping point is 347°F (+175°C) and the operating temperature is in the range of -22°F (-30°C) to 248°F (+120°C).
  • Designation according to DIN 51502 KP 2 K-30


* incl. tax, plus shipping