Premium Torque Wrench 60 - 350 Nm 1/2" in plastic case

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Premium Torque Wrench 60 - 350 Nm 1/2" in plastic case

Item #: 010 010 001 JT
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Weight: 2 kg
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An adapter is needed. ( 1/2" drive )


This Premium torque wrench 1/2" is suited for left-handed and right-handed thread and may only be used for tightening.


  • Torque wrench with certificate according to DIN EN ISO 6789
  • User manual


  • Adjustable torque wrench with square drive and integrated ratched function
  • For the controlled left and right tightening
  • Resolution: +/-3% tolerance of set scale value
  • Dual scale for N·m and Ibf·ft

Because high forces occur when loosening the wheel spinner the torque wrench is only suited for tightening!

With a central locking rim, be it with spinner, octagon or oval central lock, we recommend the defined torque to be 350 Nm (258 lbf ft) for vehicles with an engine power up to 400 HP and 500 Nm (368 lbf ft) for vehicles with engines having more than 400 HP.

After reattaching the wheel and the first few meters of driving the cone surfaces of the wheel can move. That is why it is is very important to check and retighten the wheel spinners accordingly after the first test drive!

After work, reset the torque wrench to the neutral position.

To use the torque wrench for our Premium, Standard-Quality and High-Quality tools you need the following adapter:

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