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30.05.2019 - Race track SPA Francorchamps and others

29.05.2019 - AvD Grand Prix 2010 at Nürburgring

AvD Grand Prix 2010 at Nürburgring

At this year`s Grand Prix 2010, organized by the AvD had to be there, also the company vintage tools. Many customers welcomed the inventor of the tools, Mr. Michael Kirchgässler, very friendly and sometimes with enthusiasm, as they use our tools and have already known the mind and purpose.

With a flair that so radiates a vintage car event in itself, then the use of our tool on several racing stables, as had the partners of vintage tools radiate quite a satisfaction.

The use of the Cobra and G. Martin Stretton Tromanns racing team, was considered by many visitors, the use of the tool in professional racing yet convinced many. The technology involved in the production of the classic tools tools can therefore keep up with the sensitive vintage racing cars.

One thing is certain, that Martin Stretton has won some races, has nothing to do with the use of classic tools. This is due exclusively to the driver`s driving skill of the racer Martin Stretton. But that the box of the racing team from Martin for vintage tools were available and the mechanics of the tool were very receptive to the staff and the partner has met with pride.

In this way the group wants of vintage tools racing to congratulate Martin Stretton, again to the services at this Grand Prix. Say thank you for the excellent support in this great event.

Rally Monte-Carlo historique 2005

Right during the first test drive the driving team from Bremen, Germany with the number 97 had a puncture problem. With icy wind and 5 degree Fahrenheit there was no problem to open and close precisely again the central locking from the TR 3 (year of manufacture: 1957) thanks to the quality tools from Oldtimertools. That is why a Rallye team needs to build on quality tools.

Georg Nerke

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